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Case-based online learning offers learning to be done at one’s own pace. Case Study #4 PEDIATRIC CASE STUDY SCENARIO Mary Jennings has brought her son Joe to your office. The team will be expected to establish definitive airway management and consult with PICU and local child protection services. Apgars were 8 and 9. (2 of 12) 12/06 ©2006 American Heart Association Lower Airway Obstruction Respiratory Core Case 2 Scenario Lead-in Prehospital: You are dispatched to the home of an 8-month-old infant with trouble breathing. 2016 Aug;53(6):607-17. This makes pediatric sepsis education particularly amenable to simulation scenarios. Those comments determined the need for a resource to guide agencies and educators on pediatric call types. Emergency Scenarios with Case Review - Sedation This emergency scenario reviews over-sedation, and is set up for role-play and case review with your staff. ii. Hands-on training using both an individual and team approach. Both his parents are healthcare workers with possible COVID-19 exposures. Expand your curriculum with a selection of high-quality, expert-validated scenarios from Laerdal and partners. Emergency Medicine Cases (EM Cases) is a free online medical education podcast, medical blog and website dedicated to providing online emergency medicine education and CME for physicians, residents, students nurses and paramedics. Case Report A 10-month-old boy (8.5 kg body weight) was taken to the operating room (at 11:00 PM), without premedication, for emergency surgery of an abscess of the second fingertip on the right hand. The ED team is called to manage a 2-year-old boy in severe respiratory distress with stridor and hypoxia. 3 0 obj endobj 4 0 obj endobj The mom thinks she’s at term. Only 34% of EDs had a documented DKA guideline/policy; 37% reported that they did not have hospital adult or pediatric endocrinology services. Case scenario 1 •3 month old is admitted to the hospital with a runny nose, poor appetite, and frequent coughing. Online Companion: Pediatric Nursing, Caring for Children and Their Families, 2e Case Studies . He or she warns that most infants in the emergency room have sinus tachycardia from sepsis or shock, not paroxysmal atrial tachycardia, and that … Teaching scenarios offer you the opportunity to practice the systematic approach of the initial assessment in real-life scenarios. Pediatric Case Studies With ... recognizes that the patient appears to have acute leukemia and renal failure and immediately refers the patient to the Emergency Room where a pediatric hematologist has been ... bruising, fever, bone pain, bleeding from the gums, and frequent infections. Medical Simulation Scenarios are text documents outlining the various details of a simulation - everything from patient simulator settings to debriefing notes. Classify . Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. 2) Cut up the “role” pages, and assign several roles, distributing the “roles” to appropriate participants in clinic. Patient is in contact isolation and Droplet Precautions can cohort with a patient with RSV . He arrives to the ED with bag mask ventilation in process. The case can be used to supplement other simulation-based curricula from the Pediatric Emergency Medicine Simulation Curriculum 5–18 or as a stand-alone unit. In the case scenario patient, the boy got renal failure as a result of leukemic infiltration of the kidneys, as evidenced by the presence of the high blood urea nitrogen and creatinine contents. Assistant Professor Emergency Medicine and Pediatrics . A 3-month-old child presents to the emergency room with her mother. The team has been called to help in the ED where a woman just precipitously gave birth to a baby now requiring resuscitation. Joe has complained to Mary frequently about pain in his eye." Peer-reviewed simulation cases for Emergency Medicine programs available in FOAMed spirit. Trauma is the number one killer of children over age one Objective – discuss pediatric trauma cases to identify characteristics unique to children that predispose them to trauma. 1) The person facilitating scenarios can print out the pages below. 2) Cut up the “role” pages, and assign several roles, distributing the “roles” to appropriate participants in clinic. The patient will then develop worsened hypotension, requiring the start of an epinephrine infusion. When indirect treatment fails, removal with Magill forceps under direct visualization is required. <>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 792 612] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> COVID-19: Pediatric Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome, Stab Wound to the Neck with Neurogenic Shock, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. the National Emergency Medical Services for Children (EMSC) Data Analysis Resource Center (NEDARC) 2017-18 EMS Performance Measure Assessment. Pediatric Neuropsychology Case Studies: From the Exceptional to the Commonplace. If you have scenarios you wish to contribute to this booklet, or you have questions, contact Matt Anderson at the Alaska Emergency Medical Services Section (465-3027). MedEdPORTAL . The article depicts a case study of a 21-month-old male child presenting with these signs and symptoms that ultimately resulted in a diagnosis of septic shock. Emergency Scenarios with Case Review Shortness of Breath This emergency scenario is about a patient with shortness of breath, and is set up for role-play and case review with your staff. Paramedics and family do not know how long he was under water, but he was pulled out of the pool minimally responsive. This case was written by Dr. Skye Crawford and Dr. Nathan Ashmead, academic emergency physicians at the University of British Columbia. If the SVT is defibrillated (i.e. No illicit drugs, alcohol, or smoking. He never lost pulses. The nurse unwraps the baby and feels heat radiating off the child. Acute asthma exacerbations in children are extremely common. A 4-year-old boy, approximately 20 kg, presents to your rural ED after a submersion injury at a local pool. A 2 day intensive course taught by pediatric expert instructors with a ratio of approximately 1 faculty per four learners. The simulation case, a dual trauma with victim #1 (pediatric electrocution injury from a downed power line) and victim #2 (pediatric neck impalement) presenting 3–5 minutes into the case of victim #1, requires an effective team to be divided into 2 teams with 2 leaders. <> 1) The person facilitating scenarios can print out the pages below. (I FA nasal Swab +) She is accompanied by her mother. Explore scenarios . Below are other possible members of pediatric code teams: pediatric hospitalists, advanced practice providers, pharmacist, This simulation case was in use at our institution as part of the simulation curriculum for pediatric emergency medicine fellows, pediatric residents, and medical students at various stages of training. The patient slowly recovers after removal of foreign body but will require admission for monitoring. He presents with the complaint of an itchy red eye. If you have any scenarios you would be willing to share with the simulation community, please forward them to me. Tabletop pediatric EMS training. Case One - History . Pediatric Emergency Medicine. '�wh�>4�2�K4Om9�������k��>�7���T%���ʅ�ř��^��3�H�N`��)q�dv��W�#�M[v�lw�,�`���{‹�7C^�ˌ�h��I�fK�*�E;��eh�;Ъ;Q�$ |/9=�Z' Case Study of the Month- Chest Pain in a 16-Year-Old . ED: You are noti˜ ed that an 8-month-old infant with trouble breathing is en route by BLS ambulance. Joe is a 6-year old Jordanian male. Scenario brief: Patient involved in MVA three blocks from hospital is currently en route to trauma bay. A 16-year-old morbidly obese female presents to the ED with breathing difficulty, chest pain, and wheezing for the past 30 minutes. They have complex medical needs, both from their underlying illness and from the surgical, medical and radiologic treatments … Dayton, OH . She has had no prenatal care and is an iv drug user. %PDF-1.5 When indirect treatment fails, removal with Magill forceps under direct visualization is required. Evidence-based content developed by pediatric emergency experts. The intent of this chapter is to present emergency scenarios focusing on simplified and logical process of managing the crisis in the dental office. *Note: on-line modules must be completed before class with no exceptions. This will be short lived. After 60 seconds, the HR will still be <60 and CPR will need to be started. Case Study #4 PEDIATRIC CASE STUDY SCENARIO Mary Jennings has brought her son Joe to your office. There are no obvious signs of trauma. Trauma is the number one killer of children ... in the Emergency Department or their PCP. The mother reports that the baby is not acting like herself and she is having a hard time arousing the baby. He has a rash, diarrhea and decreased urine output. Sometimes, all you need to run an effective training exercise is a scenario printed on a piece of paper and a tabletop. any product or service should be inferred or is intended. Train learners in how to handle a suspected case of Coronavirus (COVID-19). 1 0 obj Emergency Department with a chief complaint of SOB. This course involves . She is accompanied by By: Lisa Schwing, RN . The purpose of this case scenario is to highlight key points essential for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of laryngospasm occurring during anesthesia. Author: Katharine.Jensen. A 15 year-old male with no prior medical history is brought to the ED by his parents for lethargy, shortness of breath and chest pain. Pediatric Trauma Scenarios . He was feeling run down for the past 4 days with URTI symptoms. Pediatric myocarditis is a challenging ED diagnosis with about 2/3 being missed on initial presentation with about 1/3 presenting with respiratory symptoms that can easily be misdiagnosed as a respiratory illness with or without sepsis/septic shock. Most asthmatic exacerbations respond quickly to basic treatment with beta-agonists, anticholinergics, and steroids. = 132 Pediatric Fever – Case Study. Child shock/resuscitation with IV/IO access Nurses and physicians do not see it often, but must recognize and treat children with sepsis efficiently when they present. A previously healthy two-year-old boy is brought to the Pediatric ER with altered mental status after his mother found him limp and unresponsive in his room. Pediatric Interactive Clinical Cases. This case involves an 8 year-old boy with upper airway obstruction from sausage. Paediatric clinical case scenarios: The epilepsies (2012) Page 4 of 40 Introduction NICE clinical case scenarios Clinical case scenarios are an educational resource that can be used for individual or group learning. %���� Pediatric Emergency Medicine (PEM) Case-based Questions for Medical Students in PEM Elective. The team must initiate usual anaphylaxis treatment including salbutamol for bronchospasm. Pediatr Crit Care Med 2015; XX:00–00. This podcast was developed by Dr. Kevin Verhoeff in collaboration … Case . The minimal requirements for a pediatric code team are: a PICU or Emergency Department (ED) physician, an ICU or ED RN (preferably PICU if available), other nursing staff, the nursing supervisor and a respiratory therapist. After stimulation and drying, the baby will have a HR <100 and PPV will be required. Pardue Jones al. IMPLEMENTATION OF SIMULATION-BASED PEDAGOGY IN YOUR INDIVIDUALIZED TEACHING AREA As experienced in other areas of clinical practice, pediatric clinical sites are becoming sparse in health care systems that are … Forty scenarios, distinct from the 20 training cases, were created by a team of pediatric emergency care experts and piloted by experienced tri-age nurses at all sites.11 The case studies were then refined for clarity based on the pilot. Pediatric Case Study for Paramedics: 7-Year-Old Female with Difficulty Breathing At 8:45 a.m., your unit is dispatched to Fabra Elementary School for a 7-year-old female with difficulty breathing. 2) Cut up the “role” pages, and assign several roles, distributing the “roles” to appropriate participants in clinic. Mary states that it was crusted with dry yellowish drainage several times this morning. The Challenge. Abstract In a few passages of this casebook the reader knows that an experienced clinician is in charge of the emergency room. services across the state regarding pediatric education and training. Published: May 03, 2020. • Survivability is doubtful and his outlook is grim. Methods: This simulation-based curriculum was designed for a high-fidelity mannequin in an emergency department resuscitation room but can be adapted to fit a variety of learning environments. The baby will be flat. In a few passages of this casebook the reader knows that an experienced clinician is in charge of the emergency room. Pregnancy was unremarkable. Pediatric Emergency Medicine Case Studies: Altered Mental Status Chris Woleben, MD Associate Dean Student Affairs . The team has been called to the ED after a 12-month old is brought in with a rapid heart rate. This case highlights the management of those patients who need treatment that goes beyond the basics. This simulation case is designed to give pediatric and emergency medicine residents, fellows, attendings, and nurses the opportunity to practice these skills in a realistic setting. Mother has no significant medical hisotry and she had routine prenatal care. Except where otherwise noted, content on the NEOMED LibGuides is licensed for reuse under a Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution-NonCommercial license … The patient will then progress to having an unstable SVT. Survey response rate was 94%. He has a known allergy to peanuts. – shocked without synchronization), the patient will progress to VT arrest. Mary states that it was crusted with dry yellowish drainage several times this morning. Test your knowledge about Celiac Disease with this case developed by Priya Dhir, a fourth year medical student at the University of Toronto, and Dr. Justine Turner, a pediatric gastroenterologist at Stollery Children’s Hospital and Associate Professor at the University of Alberta. The patient will initially demonstrate compensated shock requiring aggressive resuscitation. Case Study 3: Cough, Croup, and Trip to the Emergency Room Subjective Data Patient Profile Identifying Factors The patient is a 3-year-old female with no history of chronic illness who presents to the primary care clinic for evaluation of a 4-day history of cough and fever.

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